Sacred Hair Part 2

So I did it. It was an amazing day. My lovely hairdresser Su and I met at her salon at 9am and both admitted how nervous we were! It was emotional, there were tears, there were hugs, there was the photographer from the local paper. He was taking pictures as it was plaited, and then cut off, and then of me holding the plaits with a grin on my face and tears in my eyes!

The support I felt from the outside was incredible too. Really overwhelming and humbling. Texts from family and friends flooded in while it was being done, and social media came up trumps by allowing me to feel the support of so many friends and acquaintances. I am so grateful for those messages. It was all very exciting!

I am also unbelievably happy to announce a total so far of £1,750, with more pledges to come. All of that money will go to help three charities that are close to my heart, Crisis, Refuge and Hillside Animal Sanctuary. It feels very empowering to be able to raise this money, and the actual hair has been posted off to The Little Princess Trust, so its gone to do good with someone else now too.

So how do I feel without my hair? Buzzing! I feel a real lift and the energy coming to me is incredible. It seems my barnet of black was actually cutting me off from the world rather than receiving it. I can’t wait for it to grow back though. I miss my sacred hair…..

before and after 2


2 thoughts on “Sacred Hair Part 2

  1. Congratulations, Mima! What an amazing letting go process, and for such a good cause!

    I found your blog through the Live Your Legend Creator’s Guild. I resonate with your spirit and your post on meditation and mindfulness. I teach meditation workshops and coach people using the practice I learned at the Zen Monastery where I trained for 14 years. It’s powerful and has the ability to transform a person’s life forever.

    Here’s to more self-love and compassion for all.

    In lovingkindness,


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