Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes….

Untitled design

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. That liminal time between the Summer and Winter, when the energy changes. Changes that are similar to those of Spring, but in reverse. Those energies are creating, these are destroying. This is the time of storms and winds, of leaves dancing around your feet as you walk and the imposing fogs late at night engulfing all in a veil of death. The first frosts and the birdsong fading. A time of transition as we head into the dark, cold, stillness of Winter.

I always see this time as a time of endings , but also of beginnings. It is said that the reason for the phrase fortnight, is because a new day was begun at dusk. Contained within Spring and Autumn are the points of balance of the two Equinox’s, the equal days and nights,  which reflect the focus of nights in their name. Using this reasoning I can see how it fits that Samhain, also known as Halloween, is seen as New Year. A view to rest and recuperate across Winter while the plans are made for the active , outdoors time of year.

So changes are afoot at HedgeRose. I am , for the first time in my quite long life, embarking on a degree. I am at University! That’s not something that I ever thought I’d be saying. It exciting and daunting in equal measure. A voyage of self discover too , as I’m taking a degree in counselling and as everybody knows, if you haven’t worked on your own stuff, you can’t begin to help another. Hard work academically and personally – bring it on!

More excitement comes in the form of official studio space at HazleHurst Studios in Runcorn. I am sharing with Claire the Doodologist and flower wrangler at CR Pitt designs. She even shares her coffee with me sometimes which is really saying something. I can think of no one else I’d rather share a room with. More artwork is heading Etsy’s way soon!

And, because that’s just not enough to be taking on board, I am also launching my online meditation group at Samhain. It is New Year after all! It struck me that a lot of people just can not physically get to a meditation group – and those are people who may be in need of it. Carers, Parents, people in stressful jobs with long hours, maybe away from home. They could all benefit from online recordings to listen to at a time that suits them, and an online group for support. I’m currently testing it out with a very helpful and lovely group of volunteers, so we will be ready for launch soon. 🙂