Meditation Magic

One of my favourite writers is Elizabeth Gilbert. I first heard of her from the TED playlist about creativity – I absolutely loved her talk about the tortured genius and the creative process so I looked her up. I discovered that she was most famous for her book Eat, Pray Love, which I still haven’t read. But I have read another two of hers – well I say “read” – I have listened to the audio books whilst travelling and painting.

One was The Signature of All Things, a truly amazing novel,  and the other was Big Magic.

A couple of the stories from her TED talk were also in Big Magic, but so was so much more. Its an amazing discussion of the creative process – and the magic that’s contained within. The one story that has always stayed with me though, was the one about the poet Ruth Stone.

The story goes that she would see poems racing across the landscape towards her and she’d have to run indoors to grab a pen and pencil to capture them in time. She captured most of them, some escaped to be captured by another poet , and some came in backwards as had just been caught ” by the tail”

It all just felt so incredible. I’m not sure I’ve ever forgotten this story, and mused upon it often.

It was pretty special moment when I realised that the meditations that I work with every week, be it in recordings or in person at our group, come to me in a similar way. Luckily they don’t dash ahead of me on the road, or make me chase them around the garden – but they come a long and sit, sometimes a bit like gremlins, inside my head until I let them out again. They often simply sit in the way of any other ideas or concepts, absolutely insisting that they’re this weeks focus.  However much I may want to change what meditations I’m delivering, they always tell me whats what – and it always works out far better than I could have ever imagined. The energy created is incredible – and often members say how much it meant to them , or that it was just what they needed. Those creative powers that be know what they’re doing – and part of my role is to simply trust in their wisdom.  It feels good to realise that your part in your work is part of your magic, and that your magic can also be big ❤


2 thoughts on “Meditation Magic

  1. I love this! I find a very similar thing happens when I’m inspired to paint a certain image whilst not currently with paper or canvas in front of me- sometimes I lose these flashes of inspiration if I don’t immediately at least write them down. I always hope it’s like having a cat live with you, at some point that idea will slink its way back to me.


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