Meditation for Candlemas

Close your eyes

take a deep breath in……and release

and move your awareness down to the Earth beneath you

down and down

and tune in to Her energy

This time is known as Candlemas, or Imbolc

It is the time of the first stirrings

the first glimpse of Spring

Tap into that energy

The myth of Persephone and Demeter speaks of Persephone being the Queen of the Underworld through the Winter.

And it is Winter because her Mother Demeter will not let anything grow while her daughter is away…

and will only sleep.

So see now that although Demeter is still sleeping

we can sense that she is stirring in her sleep

preparing to wake at Spring Equinox to greet her daughter Persephone as she returns from the Underworld

So as she stirs

her breath touches the catkins on the hazel

and the branches of the pussy willow

and as she turns in her sleep , her movement brings forth the snowdrops and the crocusses

Feel that energy beneath you

and all around you in the breeze that is suddenly warm

and the sunshine that is suddenly brighter

and the days are longer

feel the energy around you and below you

Imbolc is one name for this time, and another is Candlemas

the single flame

representing the energy, the light

that will grow and grow

until  the bonfires at Beltane blaze

Feel that candle flame

feel that breath from Demeter

Let it reassure you

and strengthen you

and connect you to the changes going on all around you

take a deep breath in


and open your eyes



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