Easter Energy

If you’re like me then on Christmas Eve you’ll feel the magic all around. I’m not Christian so for me it has nothing to do with joy at the birth of the Son ( I celebrate that at Yule and my Sun is spelt differently ­čÖé ), and it has nothing to do with me thinking that Santa is coming down the chimney to bring me all those things that I had been hoping for, for sadly that sleighbell stopped chiming for me long ago. It may have something to do with the Sun beginning his ascent on the Horizon, and I think it has a lot to do with the Spirit of Mid Winter riding across the sky, playing his part in the Great Hunt. What I do think it has a lot to do with is collective consciousness. So many people , of varying ages, waiting expectantly. ┬áThe night will be magic, whether it is because those mince pies will be gone in the morning , or because those candles will be lit at midnight.

This collective consciousness also touches me at Easter. The Spring Equinox is often long gone with the moving dates of the weekend, but the energy of renewal is still all around us. With that in  mind sometimes its hard to acknowledge the deep dark sadness of Good Friday.


I always feel it. And I always revel in it. I feel a deep reverence for the sacrifice made, and the grief of His loved ones. I feel the collective grief pouring from the Christian mind. I sit in this stillness and I reflect.

What endings do I need to make, what sacrifices? What should I learn from this pause?

I feel it touch me and envelop me, and I stop, and I listen.


Then on Easter Sunday the energy is joyous. The voices from the Churches are happy and hopeful, and families gather together. Even if its simply a time of rest, the Sun is usually shining and the activity great. ( If you live where I live then there’s a definite gardening frenzy!) Love is all around.

This week in meditation group we are going to look at these two strong energies. The coming Full Moon has filled us with positivity , but with the planetary predictions for next week, the coming darkness will be a welcome time of introvertion, regrouping and rest. We will sit within that energy and imagine ourselves filled with the beauty of the night sky.

Then we will send LOVE and PEACE to all across the globe, without and within, to all who suffer, including ourselves.