Granular incense is a beautiful way to purify a sacred space, make and offering, change the energy around you, and shift the feel of your home. It has been used through the ages and is increasing in popularity as this century trundles along. With its energetic properties being so cleansing its a great way to keep the energy around you feeling positive.

Granular incense differs from ” joss sticks” in its appearance and in the way you burn it. The amount of scented “smoke” that it creates is more than with joss too – meaning the mood it creates is often different too. It is sprinkled onto a disc of charcoal, placed in a heatproof bowl,¬† and this can create a room full of scented mist very quickly so its worth using a tiny bit at a time until you are more used to using this method. Another method is to use it in a little unscented base oil in an essential oil burner. This is a much more gentle way to use it and one I’d recommend if scenting the home is your intention.



It is usually made of a resin base, ground down¬† , and then flowers, barks, essential oils and any number of herbs and spices are added. Look up properties of different resins and plants before you begin, and make sure that they safe for animals* and humans. It depends on your aim for the incense, and what properties you’d like it to posess, and energy you’d like it to create. and then enjoy experimenting! Use your common sense and realise that you probably know far more than you think you do – frankinsense for purification, rose for love and cinnamon to warm you on a cold winters day. The possibilities are endless. Mix a little at a time and see where it takes you.


  • I feel its important not to use granular incense on charcoal in rooms with animals.



I work with an energy called Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing. Its called multi dimensional because it works on so many levels – physical, emotional, karmic and auric. It is a hands on channelling of Divine energy and said to be an extension of the Reiki energy.

Reiki was given to us via the ascended master St Germaine and Dr Usui at the turn of the last century. He then spread the word across the world and most people have now heard of this form of healing. Shamballa was first channelled by John Armitage in 1996 and is similar in that it is hands on healing but we work with a larger team of masters and symbols.

If you come to me for healing you have a very simple job – and that’s to be open and to relax. I say to my clients that all they have to do is lie there and enjoy it. (Sounds like a very different type of client lol!) In the training notes it says that as the healer I should encourage people to talk but I disagree. Until I am a trained counsellor thats exactly what I shouldn’t do – but I am always ready to listen to anything people wish to share, and I am always honoured when people share their stories and feelings with me.

One of the many reasons I love to work with this energy is that people don’t have to open up which means its accessible to everyone. Shamballa MD Healing works on so many levels that the team in Spirit send the precise healing energy required by each person. I don’t need to know anything about them for them to still get the optimum benefit from the energy. In these days of stress and distress I love the way I can offer that to people.

I’m not a trained counsellor ( I hope to be one day) but I hope the healing I offer gives people the strength to go and get any professional help they may need. I’m not a GP so I would never offer a diagnosis of any kind, but I hope after their session the healee feels the necessary connection with their body to go and get any help they require. What I do know is that people come back to me saying how much better they feel, how much pain has dissipated and how much more able they are to cope emotionally and this is wonderful. It is such an honour to be able to pass this energy to people and spend time with folks working this way.

The Healing Room at HedgeRose: